TRONO Inflatable Lounge Chair w/No-Strain Back Support | Don’t Settle for a Laying on a Hammock Lounger, Hangout on an Easy-Inflate Comfy Compact Lightweight Durable Outdoor Sofa Couch Instead Reviews

TRONO Inflatable Lounge Chair w/No-Strain Back Support | Don’t Settle for a Laying on a Hammock Lounger, Hangout on an Easy-Inflate Comfy Compact Lightweight Durable Outdoor Sofa Couch Instead

Product Detail

  • 500+ 5-STAR VERIFIED REVIEWS ONLINE – DISCOVER WHY THIS REVOLUTIONARY INFLATABLE CHAIR BEATS THEM ALL: Inflatable outdoor blow up hammock are awesome, if you want to snooze! Personally, we love to sit up in comfort so we created this COMPACT air lounger from COMMERCIAL GRADE PARACHUTE MATERIAL w/ DURABLE DOUBLE-STITCHING, a plush SUEDE SEAT COVER. Need to tackle windy, rugged terrains? Add the Optional rugged rock defying base & the anchor to your cart before you check out!
  • HOW EASY IS IT? SO EASY A CHILD CAN SET IT UP IN SECONDS! Lightweight at just 1.7 lbs, and crafted from ultra-durable parachute material that breathes, keeping you cool – this camping furniture compacts down into a TINY backpack size package then air inflates in seconds to hold a large adult weighing up to 350 lbs! Simply open the hole, let the breeze fill it, roll, connect, and ENJOY YOUR DAY IN COMFORT!
  • UNRIVALED BACK SUPPORT – ERGONOMIC DESIGN: We tested, tested, tested what felt like a million iterations of Trono – adjusting the seat back angle, material, seat pad, protective bottom pad…everything really – before we fell in love with our current design that allows you to RELAX in COMFORT without straining your neck or body like other camping furniture! It’s the chair that’ll make your friends jealous, everywhere you go.
  • THE MOST DURABLE OUTDOOR INFLATABLE CHAIR – 2 YEAR WARRANTY, TRY IT & LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK: If you appreciate companies that go to the ends of the earth to make you their next raving fan, then you’ll love buying from Trono because you get 30 full days to try it out and fall in love, plus a 2 Year Replacement Warranty; making this inflatable bag chair the BEST VALUE your money can buy.

Product description

As a family of camping, hiking, fishing, beach loving, outdoorsy types we know you never know where you’ll be able to sit before you reach your destination. While some people think sitting on hard rocks or straining your neck on a hammock lounger is ‘part of the charm’, we believe you deserve your relaxation time should be, well…RELAXING! Wouldn’t you agree?

That’s why after testing out an endless stream of lounger hammocks and cheap-o outdoor chairs we decided to create the one that beats them all – the TRONO air chair that…

  • Inflates in Seconds – Just whip it around in a circle, roll, connect, voila!
  • Defeats the toughest terrain – Simply add the Optional protective mat to your order
  • Stays inflated longer – UNIQUE double-stitching makes it more than ultra-durable, it means you can sit in comfort for hours!
  • Lightweight and Travel Ready – Take it anywhere, on vacation, up the mountain, spelunking deep into the cave, and more.

Customer Reviews

“Bought this on a whim and couldn’t be happier. Takes a few tries to get the hang of inflating it, but it works as advertised (especially if you have a breeze to help!). Can’t tell you how many people ask about it at youth soccer games. Very comfortable, and would recommend.”

“My TRONO worked beautifully. It takes only a few minutes to learn how to use it and then is pretty easy after that.
Storing it is easy and it is very portable and only weighs a few pounds.
I recommend using a blanket or mat on the underside to prevent tears”

“Despite the negative windchill and many inches of snow on the ground, this trono is absolutely on fire(ball). Obviously keeping it indoors for now but once springtime and BBQ season rolls back around, I’ll be yelling timber in the backyard with this super comfy chair. Easy enough to inflate in my basement with limited space, low ceilings, etc… and I really like how I can still sit in a some-what upright position. Spent over two hours tidying up my records (with Mr 305 himself) and it didn’t lose shape at all. I can see how the regular parachute material would be a little slippery so I’ll probably just leave the suede cover zipped on longterm. Don’t stop the party and definitely scoop one of these up”